File Your U.S. Tax Return

How does our preparation and filing process work?

You make the initial contact either by filling out the Initial Inquiry form or by email.

Once we determine your needs, we provide you with an engagement letter, and therein outline the services to be performed, as well as state our fees.  For engagements of greater complexity we may require a retainer.  If during the compilation of your return you decide to ask for additional services, we furnish to you an amended engagement letter.

Once we receive a signed engagement letter, you are provided with an access to your account at a secure client portal (available to you 24/7).  You will create your own password to access it.

We ask you to complete a questionnaire, which, among other things, addresses specificities of nonresident alien taxation.  You have means to easily and securely upload the completed questionnaire and relevant tax forms (e.g. W-2, 1099, K-1) to your client portal account.  The portal is maintained in collaboration with ShareFile®, a company that provides this service to tens of thousands of accounting firms in the U.S.

The return is compiled by a CPA.  Whenever needed, you must be available to answer follow-up questions.  Once we complete the return, you are presented with an invoice.  We collaborate with PayPal® in processing of payments and have no insight on your payment method.

Once the payment is processed, we furnish a copy of the return for your review.  If you are satisfied, we will assist you in filing it.  If you have any questions or comments, we make sure all issues are resolved.

Unless your specific circumstances prohibit it (e.g. you are filing an amended return), your 1040 return is filed electronically.  In most instances, IRS will wire the refund directly to your bank account, providing the account is located in the U.S.  Currently, the 1040NR returns must be filed in paper form.

Whenever permissible, we utilize the RightSignature® application.  Thus generated digital signatures are recognized by the IRS.